Exploring the Uniqueness of MM Galleri’s Works at Salone del Mobile Milano 2024

The Salone del Mobile Milano exhibition in Milan, Italy, has become one of the leading events in the global design industry. Every year, design enthusiasts worldwide gather here to explore the latest innovations in furniture design, interior decoration, and space concepts.

Salone del Mobile Milano has become a world showcase for the design industry, where innovation meets beauty. It is no surprise that MM Galleri, a pioneer in blending the beauty of nature with modern design, has chosen to participate in this prestigious event.

MM Galleri has long been recognized as a pioneer in integrating the natural beauty of stones such as Marble, Granite, Onyx, and other natural stones with modern and functional design. Their presence at Salone del Mobile Milano is an opportunity for them to showcase their latest works that combine natural beauty with the sophistication of design.

In the upcoming edition, which will take place from April 16 to 21, 2024, MM Galleri will introduce their stunning unique works, including the Babah Stoole made from Caravaggio material and the Silhouette Stone Wayang from Onyx White material.

New Works from MM Galleri

This year at Salone del Mobile Milano, MM Galleri will introduce several new products showcasing the natural beauty of stone, especially marble, in innovative designs. Here are some of the featured products that will be exhibited:

1. Babah Stoole

One of the unique works to be displayed by MM Galleri at Salone del Mobile Milano is the Babah Stoole, a mesmerizing chair made from Caravaggio material. Caravaggio is a type of stone known for its unique natural beauty, with a captivating combination of colors and patterns.

The uniqueness of Babah Stoole:

The Babah Stoole is a chair and a piece of art. The Carravagio material gives this chair an everlasting elegant touch, making it an unforgettable style statement in any space.

Despite its graceful appearance, the Babah Stoole also offers unparalleled comfort and strength. Its ergonomic design is engineered to provide maximum support for the user, while the Caravaggio material offers extraordinary durability.

Each Babah Stoole is a testament to MM Galleri’s high craftsmanship on the international stage. Each piece of Carravagio is carefully selected to ensure that each chair has its uniqueness and characteristics, making it a highly prized work of art.

2. Silhouette Stone Wayang

In addition to the Babah Stoole, MM Galleri will also showcase the Silhouette Stone Wayang, a captivating work made from Onyx White material. Onyx White is a type of stone known for its elegance and mesmerizing purity.

The uniqueness of Silhouette Stone Wayang:

Silhouette Stone Wayang combines the natural beauty of Onyx White stone with the traditional art of wayang. Its design, which integrates cultural elements with modern aesthetics, creates a visually and culturally impressive piece.

Onyx White has unique characteristics allowing light to seep through the stone, creating dramatic lighting effects. Silhouette Stone Wayang utilizes this property to create beautiful and captivating silhouettes, adding a new dimension to this work.

One of the main uniqueness of Silhouette Stone Wayang is how it interacts with light. When light passes through the Onyx White stone, the carved wayang silhouettes come to life, creating a display that changes depending on the room’s lighting.

MM Galleri’s participation in Salone del Mobile Milano is not just about showcasing their products but also about inspiring designers and design lovers to combine natural beauty with modern innovation.

By presenting international works from natural stones like Onyx, MM Galleri aims to encourage the design industry. With unique works like Babah Stoole and Silhouette Stone Wayang, MM Galleri not only presents natural stones in their raw form but also integrates them with innovative modern design.

These works are not just products, but also captivating art statements, inviting us to reflect on the beauty of nature and the wonders of human creativity. Thus, your visit to MM Galleri’s stand at Salone del Mobile Milano is an opportunity to deepen your experience of natural beauty and modern design sophistication.

Therefore, your visit to MM Galleri’s stand at Salone del Mobile Milano will not only give you the chance to see their flagship products but also to gain inspiration for creating stunning interior spaces by combining natural beauty with modern design.