A Timeless journey of the javanesese Daybed


Fieramilano, Rho - Italy
(Paviliun 3 Booth M28-M30)


April 16-21, 2024

What is the "BABAH" STOOLE

Taken from the mixture of Indonesian cultural history in the era of Dutch colonialism. The curved shape at the corners is the basic form.

Stone as the fundamental material of all spaces and buildings during the Majapahit Kingdom era (circa 1293 AD). Stone carving and its transformation into daily necessities is a unique skill of the Indonesian people.

Plastic Form Curves, Chairs with curved arms are characteristic of Dutch colonial era chairs, the typology of chairs from the 16th-19th centuries were made by craftsmen of Chinese descent.
These chairs symbolize the power and throne of the kings of that era.
The term “Baba” analogizes to Peranakan Chinese, an honorary term for Chinese men.

Repetitive vertical lines without any ornaments depict the unity of Indonesia’s diverse cultural diversity, which upholds the ideology of “Unity in Diversity.”

The Stone Silhouette Wayang
by MM Galleri

Indonesian Wayang as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by  UNESCO, comes from the word “ma Hyang” meaning a journey towards land of spirituality, also said that word of Wayang originated from Javanese word of shadow. While in the performance of Wayang is traditionally used as a medium for reflection toward the spiritual spirit of the gods since 10th century. This performance is normally orchestrated as entertainment, guidance and order in society.

As a Masterpiece, Wayang is very closed into Indonesian tradition, culture and art. Using shadow as the core medium of stage performance. MM Galleri adopt this into our newest technology in stone work, called Stone Silhouette. Adopting the version of Wayang kulit (shadow puppets) with the story of Hindu Mahabaratha, MM Galleri proudly present the first showcase Wayang Stone Silhouette.

Showcase the elegance of Onyx white as the stage performance of the show, this masterpiece illustrates the character of Pandawa as the 5 heroes from Mahabaratha story. This masterpiece bringing the Indonesian cultural heritage with our technology and capability to bring you the unique, vibrant and intriguing ambience as a blend of cultural richness and natural beauty of stone.

Bended Technology

Introducing our groundbreaking innovation: Patented Bended Marble Technology.

In the realm of stone, constraints such as weight, fragility, and rigidity have long posed challenges. However, we have ingeniously devised a solution to overcome the inherent rigidity of stone by introducing flexibility through bending. This revolutionary method not only expands the application possibilities within interior design but also significantly reduces waste compared to traditional stone carving techniques. With our technology, the curvature achieved is flawless, opening up new avenues for creativity and sophistication in architectural and design endeavors.